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Dramatic. Kaleidoscope of color. Luminous. Delicate and multifaceted like a butterfly wing. Each Cienega sink is a unique masterpiece that epitomizes our quest to produce amazing works of Art for the Bathâ„¢. The colors are created by trapping minerals and precious metals between sheets of fused glass and they evolve organically through the heating and cooling process. All Cienega series sinks are available in 15" and 18" diameters and can be installed as vessels above the countertop or as undermount sinks with Alchemy Glow LED lighting.


Velvet Cienega#16453

Velvet Cienega 15" Sink with Ground and Polished Edge


Velvet Cienega#14723

18" Velvet Cienega Sink with Erosion Edge


Velvet Cienega#14864

18" Velvet Cienega with Ground and Polished Edge