My local showroom doesn’t carry a product I see on your website. Can I order it direct?

We support our excellent dealer network and as a result we don’t take internet or direct orders. Even if a showroom does not carry a product you see on our website you can still order it through them. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding a product that a showroom is not familiar with. Call us at 877.552.5243.

What do I do if there is no showroom near me?

If there is no showroom within 200 miles of where you live you can call us to order direct. This is the only time we allow a customer to order direct. Before calling make sure you check the location finder to identify the closest showroom. Call us at 877.552.5243

I love the sink on display at my showroom. Can I get one exactly like that?

We encourage all showrooms to sell off display. This way you are ensured you get the exact sink you want. We will replace the sink for that showroom’s display. If that particular sink is already spoken for we can see what we have available in our inventory in that style and hopefully one of these will work for your application. If you can’t purchase the display and we don’t have a suitable sink in our inventory we will make a new one for you can try to match the display sink as closely as possible. But please understand that all of our sinks are one-of-a-kind and can’t be completely replicated.

I’m looking for an under-mount sink. Which sinks will work for me?

The Prestige Series Gold and Platinum Oval sinks are the only sinks designed especially for under-mount installations. Our ground and polished edge round sinks can be installed as an under-mount by using sink clips or a custom made retainer ring (plans available from Alchemy)

What drain should I go with my sink?

Alchemy designed and engineered a drain assembly to fit and match our sinks providing a watertight seal that places no stress on the glass (when installed correctly). We included small touches that make a big difference such as a concave drain cap to match the interior curvature of the sink and form a flush fit. The drains are available in 5 popular finishes to match any installation. We recommend you purchase one of our drains to go with your sink. You are welcome to choose a drain from another company, but Alchemy will not be held responsible if any damage is caused to your sink as a result of using another company’s drain. Visit drains.

What is the best way to light an Alchemy glass sink?

Excellent lighting really makes a big difference taking a beautiful sink and turn it into a truly stunning work of art. You will get compliments. Pure, strong white light reflects back the infinite colors of the minerals trapped within the glass. See 'How Many Sinks Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb' for a more detailed explanation. We recommend an overhead halogen or High-CRI LED spotlight directed at the sink. You’ll find that changing your viewing position will change coloration and patterning.

How do I clean my Alchemy glass sink?

Cleaning a glass sink is very simple. The inside of the sink is a normal glass surface and any glass or mirror cleaner works great. The outside surface has one of two different finishes. The Cienega series has a frosted exterior with a polymer seal to prevent fingerprints. If you would like to maintain the coating you can apply Rain-X from your local auto parts store every few months or whenever it appears to have worn off. (Rain-X is the consumer version of the product we apply to the finish.) When the outer surface is protected, most scuff marks and smudges will simply wipe off with a cloth and glass cleaner. For the Celestial and Prestige series there is no coating and glass cleaner will work. To avoid scratches DO NOT USE abrasive cleaners of any kind (i.e. Comet, Soft Scrub or similar).

How do I remove a hard water stain?

If your water is hard or high in mineral content stubborn white deposits may appear over time. To remove the deposits apply distilled white vinegar (available at any grocery store) to the stain, leave for several minutes and flush thoroughly with water. Be careful not to let the vinegar, or any acidic material, remain on the drain cap – this could permanently damage the plated finish. Store-bought hard water stain/lime remover can be effective but is toxic. For really stubborn water stains we recommend an ultra-fine “0000” steel wool that is extremely fine and if used carefully will not leave visible scratches. This can be found at any hardware store. Some Alchemy sink owners keep a cloth on hand to wipe the sink dry after use.

Can I remove a scratch?

Unfortunately, there is no feasible way to remove a scratch from curved glass. It is best to prevent the glass from scratching which is usually caused when some sort of grit, a piece of sand or even large dust particles, gets caught between the glass and another surface, often when using an abrasive cleaner such as Comet or Soft Scrub. Another common mishap to avoid is dropping jars of make-up in the sink. Fortunately most scratches aren’t noticeable due to the designs and the dynamic color patterns.