Creation Process

How do we make Alchemy glass sinks?

Alchemy is well-known in the Kitchen and Bath industry for unique and beautiful hand-crafted glass that is made in Los Angeles. To get the depth of color and glass strength we use a process in which glass is fused and shaped instead of the more familiar technique of blowing glass. Fusing allows us to trap a unique mix of minerals and metals within the piece forever by heating the glass in excess of 1000°F. We have worked with this process for almost 30 years and through constant tweaking and experimentation we developed a controlled process for cooling the glass, called super-annealing, which creates extremely strong glass with exceptional clarity and luster. While this process creates amazing colors and a strong product, it doesn’t happen quickly; it takes over two weeks to create an Alchemy sink from start to finish.

One of a Kind

Each piece of Alchemy glass is a unique work of art and no two are the same. There are so many variables that go into making the sinks we can’t completely control the exact colors and design. We don’t apply pigment to the glass. We do not paint the color or pattern. We can influence general characteristics like a deep burgundy center or a light coppery center. But it is the alchemical magic of nature and elements that create multi-colored rims with saturated and brilliant colors. This is a part of what makes Alchemy glass so special and unique. Colors not only vary from piece to piece but also within a piece itself, depending on how the piece is lit and from what angle you are viewing it. If you imagine a butterfly wing with nuances of changing color it is quite similar to an Alchemy glass sink.