Pesky Hard Water Stains + Beautiful Sink = No Good

Have you ever noticed a nasty white-ish circle around the drain of some sinks? Does your sink have a stain like this even though you've tried scrubbing it out with cleaners and a sponge? These hard water stains are caused by a concentration of calcium and magnesium and while not a health risk it certainly is a nuisance. It is possible to "soften the water but it's probably easier to stay on top of the stains.

Here are your options for doing this:

1.) Wipe Sink Dry After Use

Yeah, this can be a pain, but prevention is always the best solution to any problem. If you keep a towel or cloth in your vanity and wipe the sink dry after use you will not need the next three suggestions. If your sinks get a lot of use from guests or kids this is probably not a practical solution.

2.) Ultra-Fine Steel Wool

Our favorite method for removing a stain that has already developed is to use ultra-fine "0000" (#4/0) steel wool. Because it is extremely fine you can carefully scrub out the stain without leaving any visible scratches. This product is easy to find at any hardware store.

3.) Hard Water Stain Remover

An obvious choice. Products such as Lime-A-Way can be successful at removing your stain. How effective they are usually depends on how long the stain has been there and how much it is has built up. We don't love these products, mostly because they are toxic.

4.) White Vinegar

This handy product is available at any grocery store. Maybe you already have some in your pantry? Create a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water, dip a cloth into the solution and apply the cloth to the stain in the sink. White vinegar works best on light spots but you MUST BE CAREFUL not to let any vinegar drip onto your drain, especially if it is plated. It can stain the drain and you really won't be happy with how that looks.

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