Origin of the Cross-Hatch Sink

How does the work of Jasper Johns inspire the creation of a glass sink?

Simple answer, I like Jasper Johns? cross-hatch paintings. If you want to know more than that, see below.

Savarin Whitney Poster John's 1977

Savarin Whitney Poster (John's 1977)

Johns was one of my favorite artists growing up. I still don?t know why I, and many others, were so drawn to a painting of something as ubiquitous and plain as an American flag, but the first time I saw this particular painting, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. There were so many marks, textures and snippets of images packed in to simple shapes of color laid out in a design so recognizable that it acted as camouflage for the density it contained.

The cross-hatching motif first appeared in his work as background texture, but in time became the subject itself. After I saw the cross hatch paintings, that pattern moved into my subconscious and has been leaking out ever since. It?s my go-to doodle and most of the time it fills the margins on my notepads.

Cicada John's 1981

Cicada (John's 1981)

I suppose the sink is an ode to Johns? cross-hatch paintings, but it really just started off as a doodle, mindlessly arranging some scraps of glass on my workbench. As the inevitable pattern appeared, I couldn?t stop adding pieces to keep it growing. That?s the thing with a cross-hatch doodle, it?s sort of like kudzu. It just keeps expanding. Before long, I exhausted the pile of glass cut-offs and now had to start cutting fresh pieces. I decided to make it a sink so I could impose a stopping point. Once the pattern reached the size of the circular piece used to make the sinks, I could stop (and get back to real work).

What I didn?t realize was this was no longer a doodle. Drawing a cross-hatch is mindless: draw a handful of parallel lines, switch orientation a bit, and then draw another bunch. Doing this in glass required cutting a lot (hundreds) of ΒΌ? wide strips of glass, and then carefully sizing them and placing them. It probably doesn't sound like a lot of work, and it didn?t seem like it would be, but a day and a half later, I was still futzing round moving one section over just a bit, or changing the angle of another group, and then having to adjust everything else I already set down.

And for that reason, this was and is the only cross-hatch Alchemy sink.

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Flag John's 1995

Flag (John's 1995)

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