Alchemy Photoshoot...the sinks go to the beach

We chose an amazing beach-front property in Malibu so the sinks received both the elegant treatment and an adventure. We worked with two amazing photographers Adi Mizrahi and Guy Mokia who squeezed us in between trips to Israel and the country of Georgia.

The adventure started at the photography equipment rental shop. Our Subaru was so loaded down with equipment, and sinks, it looked like a low-rider which was mostly due to the 12 25lb sandbags. But as luck would have it the light at the beach was great and we didn't need most of the equipment - Murphy's Law of course.

In the morning the master bathroom was the perfect setting for our new rectangle sink (link here) with Carera Marble countertops and tubs the colors of the Coco Marengo really pop. At the same time there were so many mirrors it was almost impossible to get a shot without us.

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