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Taking a break from sinks for a moment to let you know about my other artistic endeavors. Before getting into glass fusing and slumping (the technical term for what we do at Alchemy), I was a holographer. Yep, I made holograms, had my own laser and everything. I recently dusted off some boxes and rediscovered a lot of old work.

I started photographing the pieces and decided to put up a website and facebook page so people could see them. The holograms I?ve made are pretty different from what you may think holography is or can be. I worked out a technique for getting vibrant colors and mixes of colors, and approached the medium as a way to ?paint with light.? Normally, holograms of objects are the most accurate visual representations of those objects, but I kind of went in the opposite direction, which is why I named the site

Don?t know what a hologram is? Well even if you think you do, you may not. Read more to find out...

June 01, 2015

Glass Sink vs. Shaving Man

This is a story about how even tough glass sinks have a nemesis. Glass is actually a quite strong and durable material, but one thing it?s susceptible to is thermal shock. Unfortunately, the way we men sometimes shave, well, this can create a thermal shock situation.

Thermal Shock happens when a big change in temperature causes different areas of a glass sink to expand or contract by different amounts. If one part of the sink is expanding while another part is not, that will cause internal stress between those two areas. The stress can cause a crack to form in the glass. The two things that need to happen to cause this is a big swing in temperature from cold to hot or vica-versa, and for that to happen in a short period of time.

When we first heard of one of our sinks forming a crack emanating from the drain hole, our immediate thought was that the drain may have been overtightened because this is something that would be applying stress directly to the glass. When it became clear that the sink was installed correctly, we were stumped. The next morning while I was shaving, it hit me what was going on.

Like a lot of men who shave with a razor, I like to have the blade hot and wet when I scrape my face, so I turn the hot water on and let it run a little while shaving (this was pre-drought). After every stroke, I place the blade under the running water to clean out the whiskers and reheat it. Since I?m not putting my hand in the running water, it can be as hot as it goes. Then after the last stroke, I turn off the hot water and crank on the cold so that I can splash cold water on my face as the finishing touch to a good shave.

May 12, 2015

The Peacock Sink

I just had to write because we had a glass sink come out the other day that reminded me of a peacock. I named it The Peacock Sink. There are blue spots in the sink similar in shape and coloring to the ?eyes? in a peacock?s plumage. Though the spots aren?t exactly the same, the deep vivid colors that sometimes change hue are something that Alchemy sinks share with peacock feathers. I wanted to see if I could learn more about the unique way that color works in these sinks by understanding how a peacock feather gets its color.

April 30, 2015

How many Alchemy sinks does it take to change a light bulb?

If you want your sink to look more bight and vivid, and you have a fluorescent, incandescent or older LED bulb lighting it, you?re not getting the spectrum of color that you would see with a higher CRI bulb, whether it?s a halogen spot or a high CRI LED. So the answer is it could take just one sink.

The coloring in Alchemy sinks is truly unique. To bring out all the subtle shifting tones of gold and blue that contribute to creating the vivid reds, greens and violets, you need a light source that has a high color rendition index or CRI. The highest CRI light source I know of is the sun because it has about all the visible (and some invisible) wavelengths of light that exist. White light is a mix of a spectrum of colors and the reason objects appear to have a specific color is that when they are lit by white light, they selectively reflect the color band from that spectrum that you see, and then absorb or scatter the rest.

April 21, 2015

Origin of the Cross-Hatch Sink

How does the work of Jasper Johns inspire the creation of a glass sink?

Simple answer, I like Jasper Johns? cross-hatch paintings. If you want to know more than that, see below.

Johns was one of my favorite artists growing up. I still don?t know why I, and many others, were so drawn to a painting of something as ubiquitous and plain as an American flag, but the first time I saw this particular painting, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. There were so many marks, textures and snippets of images packed in to simple shapes of color laid out in a design so recognizable that it acted as camouflage for the density it contained.

December 03, 2014

Alchemy Photoshoot...the sinks go to the beach

We chose an amazing beach-front property in Malibu so the sinks received both the elegant treatment and an adventure. We worked with two amazing photographers Adi Mizrahi and Guy Mokia who squeezed us in between trips to Israel and the country of Georgia.

May 19, 2014

Pesky Hard Water Stains + Beautiful Sink = No Good

Have you ever noticed a nasty white-ish circle around the drain of some sinks? Does your sink have a stain like this even though you've tried scrubbing it out with cleaners and a sponge? These hard water stains are caused by a concentration of calcium and magnesium and while not a health risk it certainly is a nuisance. It is possible to "soften the water but it's probably easier to stay on top of the stains.

May 12, 2014